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- Audrey Hepburn



Customized Experiences for the Private Wayfarer

Leap through the eye of the needle and find yourself in a brilliant kaleidoscope of Paris seen by few. Let us craft a unique set of memories prepared just for you. Perhaps you'll visit cutting-edge design galleries and world-class art exhibitions. If you prefer, explore exclusive antique markets with a local interior designer before uncovering great works inside a jewel-like atelier. No matter your desire, you'll steep in the visceral beauty of Paris presented through the lens of art and design. These truly transformative journeys are custom designed for the discerning traveler who is moved by art, design, and French culture.

It's all AS YOU WISH...


Art & Design Walking Tours in Magical Paris  

Truly. Madly. Deeply. Get nourished beyond the average museum tour. Our Art Heart Walking Tours are ideal for those hungry for meaningful connections to art & design. 


Let us guide you through the fascinating universe of Paris' dynamic modern and contemporary art & design galleries. Join us on a stimulating Art Heart Walking Tour and engage with world-class collections.


Meet the tastemakers leading Paris' re-energized art scene and encounter masterful works from the 19th century to today. Soak up historical points of interest and stunning scenery as we call upon the best galleries in Paris.


Curated Day Trips to the Paris Flea Market

Available on Sundays by appointment.

Spend the day with an American Interior Designer! Crafted especially for those who get excited about that perfect flea market find, we introduce our curated Day Tour of the Paris Flea Markets in Saint-Ouen, north of central Paris. These exhilarating journeys include a delicious lunch and delightful breaks over tea, hot coffee and wine. If your heart races, and joy spreads ear to ear for each brilliant truffle uncovered, this is for you.

Our commitments to excellence:



ATELIER TOURS PARIS will transport you to a world of elevated comfort and discreet concierge-level attention. From guided walks, VIP museum visits and exclusive gallery invitations, to the remarkable dining and culinary discoveries that await, ATP is delighted to manage every detail for you. 



It's all about taking time, deep immersion, and next level experiences. We don't skim the surface. We take you there; to that pivot point where joy is the new norm. Our journeys are not about high speed consumption; they are about gathering memories, about personalized moments and connection. Most of all, what we do is all about YOU. And it's all AS YOU WISH...

In short, ATELIER TOURS PARIS will curate the unique sights, sounds and tastes of authentic French culture for the curiosity-filled traveler. These holidays are for those who measure a life well-lived by the amount of memorable experiences they've collected; those worldly fun seekers who insist that more JOY in life is simply non-negotiable. 



Unique “Private Access Moments” are crafted only for ATP guests. From tours of rare art and textile archives, to a 7,000 journey through time in the heart of the glamorous antiques quarter, we have combined 40 years of experience just for you! Journey with us for private glimpses inside one the fashion world’s most cherished couture houses. Dine in the home of a French master chef. Marvel at being face to face with priceless works of art inside intimate settings, and private viewing salons opened for our guests only. Experience our passion for culture as we leverage the French 'art of living' for your pure delight and memory making pleasure. 


Our mission is simple: to guide our guests through transformative art and design filled experiences in France. From our first meeting, we promise to wrap you in a tapestry of discovery, wonder and inspiration for the duration of our time together.  


Whether it’s one magical day, or two weeks, we pledge to merge our three pillars of Exceptional Service, New Luxury, and “Private Access Moments” into a seamless and carefree voyage of comfort, fun and safety. By keeping our expedition group sizes small, we swiftly manage all the details allowing our guests to melt into the fabric and rhythm of French life quickly and easily.


Come to Paris, and the surrounding region with ATELIER TOURS PARIS, and immerse yourself in a world of Pure Imagination… 

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