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"If you are lucky enough to have lived in Paris...  then wherever you go for the rest of your life it stays with you, for Paris is a moveable feast."
- Ernest Hemmingway
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We facilitate unforgettable journeys that will wrap you in the joy, beauty, and richness that is France.


The French rule is simple: when it comes to the “Art of Living”, or “L’art de Vivre”, everything must be BEAUTIFUL first! All you encounter, see, taste and touch, must also be artful in form, function, feel, and flavor. This thoughtful brilliance is part of the culture’s DNA, and it’s our great pleasure to introduce it to you through our exceptionally curated lens. From the moment you touch down in Paris, you will be guided through the beauty, wisdom, and history of a seductive culture that remains one of the most romantic in the world.


ATELIER TOURS PARIS invites you to step out of your daily experience. Let us provide a pivot point from which you can delight in the precious moments and memories that come from an inspirational sojourn in France. That special “je ne sais quoi” you’ve heard about is real. Let it gently shift your perspective, brighten your imagination, and enliven your spirit. After all, it’s all about YOU

If you are ready for an amazing life journey steeped in food, wine, and artful passion, we invite you to join us.

Here's a little about US

We are lovers of all things beautiful.


ATELIER TOURS PARIS was born of a compelling dream to share the gift of Paris with those who would appreciate it. Interior Designers by trade, we fell under the spell of the French reverence for good design, elegance, and a passion for food and wine, aka the "art of living." We leveraged our experience, put our heads together, and became inspired to invite like-minded wayfarers on our unique, off-the-beaten-path tours through this magical city.  Our partners in Paris often remark that we know the city better than they do! We are humbled by that kind sentiment and know the best is yet to come.

Join us in France, and allow us to show you our Paris, a land of pure imagination.

Let us be your GUIDES




Eric Remmen's love affair with French culture was established in his college years while studying at the Sorbonne. That experience made a lasting impact, and fueled a passion for Paris that has stayed with him through both his professional and personal life. Eric has made beauty his muse. Dealing in art, antiques, and having represented the French brand, La Cornue, has kept him close to all things exquisitely French.

Eric’s design acumen propels his natural ability to uncover the next great resource, and emerging artistic talent. Eric’s frequent visits to Paris with collectors and clients have provided a solid foundation of exceptional experiences and relationships to draw from. His guests remark that his warmth, sense of humor, and graciousness allowed them to simply show up and enjoy themselves. His first-hand knowledge of Paris will lead you to memories that last a lifetime. Whether you journey with ATELIER TOURS PARIS for one day, or for two weeks, Eric and his team will carefully craft an experience filled with “Private Access Moments” and the essence of French “L’Art de Vivre” – the art of French Living.

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An interior designer by trade, Patrick Welch was fortunate to begin his successful career working for San Francisco’s most important designers. Before establishing his own firm, he learned that travel is a must as it has shaped his point of view, and provided a broader perspective to draw from. Patrick believes the inspiration that comes from seeing the world is enhanced by establishing international sources that help him realize his vision. His clients say that his projects are classic, timeless, and approachable. Filled with handcrafted objects, furnishings, and art, his spaces reflect the spirit of his clients, and evoke experiences of tranquility, harmonious scale and soothing composition.



We're thrilled to collaborate with Olivier Malherbe. A French native and resident of Chantilly, he provides exceptional resources that support ATELIER TOURS PARIS.  Often referred to as the "Ambassador" of Chantilly, he arranges private access to amazing venues in Chantilly, and the surrounding regions. Olivier's long-standing history in France tourisme, and his deep industry relationships, are valued assets to ATELIER TOURS PARIS.  His knowledge, warmth, and humor are always appreciated by our guests.  

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