We create exceptionally rare & memorable journeys through the art, food & cultural epicenters of Paris & Chantilly, fully customized.

Expect the unexpected as the doors of the Chateau de Chantilly are unlocked, and enter the magnificent Royal apartments. Enjoy the quiet impact of intimate encounters with masterworks by Raphael, or Da Vinci. Meet the conservators of the Musee Conde deep inside the Chateau and be guided through galleries and private archives like a true insider. As You Wish holidays are all about giving you moments of unforgettable joy.

Perhaps you might savor a vibrant Paris experience instead. Imagine you and your loved ones meandering with expert guides who feel more like family friends, whisking you from point A to B with a sense of ease as the city of Paris emerges from this last year. Feel the exceptional hospitality as you awake in the sweetest boutique hotels with hot croissants waiting for you. All that's required is for you to relax as the day's meaningful experiences and fun begin to unfold.


These highly specialized custom tours, whether lazy or fast-paced, are the ultimate combination of the best that France has to offer.


We all know how soulfully valuable travel is right now. Life is happening all around, and it's beautiful. Let us design the most mesmerizing experience for you to celebrate the joie de vivre that Paris & Chantilly are famous for.

Here are just a few of the magical Private Access Moments that await you:

  • Enjoy the thrill of holding the 'keys to castle' as we open private rooms inside the Chateau de Chantilly. Rare encounters with priceless masterpieces will take your breath away! Step inside museum archives not accessed by the public. Experience the impact of private audiences with works by Leonardo Da Vinci and others.

  • Lunch in a private Parisian “Wine Cave!” Savour a delectable multi-course experience with organic wine-pairings prepared by a celebrated team of chefs who are rocking the Paris food scene. 

  • Uncover rare and unusual treasures on an eye-opening tour of the Paris antiques quarter with one of France’s top art and antiques historians.


  • Join a former architect turned award-winning French master chef as he creates a truly delicious and intimate gluten-free gastronomical experience in his artistic Paris home.​


  • Meet the thoughtful influencers in the Paris antiques and art worlds, and enjoy access to beautiful galleries as they bring their one-of-a-kind collections to life.


  • Sumptuous luncheon at the world-famous Ritz Paris prepared for our guests by celebrated Executive Chef, Nicolas Sale. Nothing compares to the elegance and attention to detail at the sumptuous Ritz. A seasonal tasting menu with exquisite wine pairings awaits us at this iconic palace hotel where dining in elevated luxury is a perfected art form.

  • A seasonal tasting menu with exquisite wine pairings awaits us at the iconic Ritz Paris hotel where dining is a perfected art form.


  • Sip coffee and enjoy a catered French breakfast while getting to know the dynamic horse jockeys of Chantilly.

  • Sip coffee, then explore the amazing royal stables of Chantilly. Marvel at the beauty of the indoor forum before horse-back riding through the royal forest.


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These gents are the best! Inspiring, educational and fun! Eric knows Paris like the back of his hand, and Patrick’s design sources are invaluable! Every moment together was simply perfect! Thank you!

—Kelly H.

San Francisco