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We miss the emotion on your face when you’ve just experienced something beautiful, amazing, (delicious), and transformative. We miss the shifts in you, both big and small; the shoulder drops, the wider smiles, and the increased decibels of your joy. We miss your belly laughs, the high-fives, and your ability to let go of everything. Those precious moments we’ve created together that caused you to react from a higher place of curiosity, adventure and openness. We also miss the pearls you give back to us in the form of your gratitude and happiness; the treasured rewards that make us so proud of what we do.

In short, your lightness of being is our goal. It drives everything we do because we cherish you!

Living in France we’ve learned a lot both personally and professionally this past year . We’ve soul-searched for deeper meaning in not just what we do, but more importantly, in HOW we do it.

We wish for simpler ways to present the best parts of France to our guests, and we are working hard to show you her mesmerizing depth and awe-inspiring beauty in softer ways that resonate with you, have a lower carbon footprint, and positive impact on the local community. We want to safely whisk you from point A to point be B in hybrid or electric vehicles whenever we can. We want to WALK more and set out on foot when the mood strikes. We are partnering with thoughtful chefs who cook seasonally, using farm fresh organic ingredients from local sources. Yes, we’re delighted to show you the glorious palace museums that Paris is known for, but we also want to expose you to emerging artists and take you into their intimate galleries and studios.

We're craving meaningful connection and community. We aspire to share it with the worldly seekers out there who possess an appreciation for the romantic culture and vibrant humanity that France so uniquely possesses.

We hope you will join us.

With a Grateful Heart,

Eric Remmen



Let's start building your dream escape to Paris. Contact us by email, or request a free consultation under our CONTACT tab. We can't wait to welcome you to France!

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