May 25 - June 4, 2021


9 Nights


Paris & Chantilly

$14,968 USD per person

double occupancy / Land Only

We are honored to create this breath-taking expedition exclusively for our esteemed partners at Fast Lane Travel, Inc. “Quintessential France – The Art of Living Tour,” will be operated by Atelier Tours Paris.


From the dynamic streets of Saint-Germain-des-Pres in Paris, we will venture north to the chic countryside town of Chantilly. Home to the majestic Chateau de Chantilly, the leafy environs are also the epicenter of France’s elegant equestrian universe. You will stay in classical luxury at the 5-Star Auberge du Jeu de Paume on the grounds of the Domain de Chantilly.  Beautifully prepared meals at the Jardin D’Hiver, and a multi-course dining experience at the Michelin-Starred La Table du Connetable also await your pleasure.

Expect the unexpected as the doors of the Chateau are unlocked, and enter the magnificent Royal apartments. Enjoy the quiet impact of a private encounter with masterworks by Raphael, or Da Vinci. Meet one of the curators of the Musee Conde deep inside the Chateau and be guided through galleries, libraries and private archives reserved only for VIP guests of Atelier Tours Paris.

From the excitement of thoroughbred horse racing, let the seduction of Chantilly lace and the richness of Chantilly cream top off the adventure. Before heading home, exercise your own culinary aspirations by shopping with a Michelin-starred chef and savouring a cooking demonstration in his remarkable kitchen. All this and more has been designed just for you.


This highly specialized guided tour is the ultimate combination of French beauty and gastronomy.


At Atelier Tours Paris, your "someday" is NOW...


Here are just a few of the magical “10-Star Private Access Moments” that await you on this remarkable journey:

  • Rare encounters with priceless masterpieces! This journey will take you inside museum archives not accessed by the public. Experience the impact of private audiences with works by Leonardo Da Vinci and others.

  • Lunch in a private “Wine Cave” Savour a delectable multi-course feast prepared by a celebrated team of chefs who are rocking the Paris food scene. 7,000 Years of Decorative Arts Guided experience with the President of the exclusive Carre Rive Gauche Antiques Society.

  • From the mystical time of the Pharos of Egypt to the stimulating modern art scenes of Paris, New York, and London, we will uncover rare and unusual treasures on this eye-opening tour of the Paris antiques quarter with one of France’s top art and antiques historians.


  • Exclusive Private Chef Dinner in his uber-cool Paris Residence. Join this former architect turned award-winning French master chef as he creates a truly delicious and intimate dining experience in his artistic Paris home.


  • Private encounters with the crème de la crème of Paris Art and Antique dealers with privileged access to their amazing collections.


  • Meet the movers and shakers in the Paris antiques and art worlds, and enjoy privileged access to their beautiful galleries as they bring their one-of-a-kind collections to life during our privileged visits.


  • Sumptuous luncheon at the world-famous Ritz Paris prepared for our guests by celebrated Executive Chef, Nicolas Sale. Nothing compares to the elegance and attention to detail at the sumptuous Ritz. A seasonal tasting menu with exquisite wine pairings awaits us at this iconic palace hotel where dining in elevated luxury is a perfected art form.

  • Experience the Louvre and Musee D’Orsay as never before! Even if you have visited these colossal temples before, you will enjoy this journey of discovery as we pull back the veil on the other exquisite heroes of these unrivaled collections. 


  • Exhilarating “Breakfast with the Jockeys” experience at the private Chantilly residence of one of France’s celebrated thoroughbred horse trainers. Prepare to be delighted and amazed by this rare morning at the home of one of France’s premier horse trainers. Sip coffee and enjoy a catered French breakfast while getting to know the dynamic horse jockeys of Chantilly.

  • Spirited gourmet luncheon and horse races at the elegant Hippodrome de Chantilly racecourse,  -considered the most beautiful thoroughbred racecourse in the world. Now that you have met the jockeys, throw caution to the wind and bet on your “favorites” (and their horses) during an electrifying VIP afternoon at the races!

  • Private champagne reception at the exquisite Museum of Chantilly Lace. There is nothing more romantic and mystifying than the art of Chantilly lace. Known throughout the world for its intricate detail and unmatched quality, Chantilly lace is as much a part of France’s history as prince’s and castles. On this specially arranged evening, experience this alluring handcraft at an evening event created just for you.


  • Exclusive morning shopping experience and cooking demonstration with a celebrated chef. OK, French chefs in the making! Accompany the Executive Chef of the Auberge du Jeu de Paume to local markets as he shops for the day’s freshest ingredients. Afterward, be treated to an exclusive cooking demonstration where the morning’s delicious acquisitions transform into beautiful culinary masterpieces. 


  • Meet one of France’s celebrated sommeliers inside his wine shop and art gallery! Located in the oldest building in Chantilly dating back to 1539, discover and taste favorite classic vintages and sample top recommendations for up and coming wines worth investing in now. You won’t soon forget this remarkable French wine tasting adventure as we privatize his wine shop and art gallery for an unforgettable experience.

  • Become an honorary member of the exclusive Society of Chantilly Crème. You won’t believe this fun and exciting event as we close out an unforgettable time together. Join new friends as we break bread for the last time in the private dining venue and garden of one of Chantilly’s top restaurants. Be prepared to laugh well, eat well, and depart a newly minted expert in the art of making Chantilly crème, considered the BEST whipped cream in the world!


And so much more!


These gents are the best! Inspiring, educational and fun! Eric knows Paris like the back of his hand, and Patrick’s design sources are invaluable! Every moment together was simply perfect! Thank you!

—Kelly H.

San Francisco


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